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Peak Your Performance: The Benefits of Sports Performance Counselling


Confidence is a very solid predictor of high performance. High achievement comes easier to those who strive and work tirelessly to overcome the many challenges and frustrations to a perfect performance while remaining confident and trusting one’s mastery. The work needed to enhance self-confidence in a meaningful way necessarily draws from a very wide range of theories and treatment modalities. The aim is to achieve an “unbeatable mind” for both training and for competition.

Some of the variables thought to impact performance confidence or a person’s sense of his/her own “self-efficacy” (Bandura, 1997). Bandura a highly influential psychologist defines self-efficacy as a set of beliefs that the person has about his/her own ability to achieve the goals that the person has in mind. Six sources of efficacy have been identified in the research literature: 1) past performance achievements; 2) verbal persuasion; 3) emotional arousal; 4) vicarious experiences; 5) visualized experiences. High achievement not only requires a sense of self-efficacy but also an ongoing to enhance and maintain confidence.

Psychological Skills Training is highly effective at enhancing performance confidence and leads to better outcomes. We target 13 different areas of psychological functioning in addition to coaching our clients on motivation for training, focus and failure/distress tolerance.


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